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Download Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning textbook for free in PDF Format by Mechanical Engineering Library only on

Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Poster - Mechanical Engineering Library Exclusive

This book consists of topics like Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Tools and instruments. This topic is further elaborated and divided into Gages and instruments, Thermometers, Superheat measurement instruments, Halide Leak Detectors, Electrical Instruments and other instruments, Service tools and special tools, Vacuum pumps, Charging cylinder, Charging and Changing oils, mobile charging stations, tubing, soldering, testing for leaks, cleaning and degreasing solvents.

Development of Refrigeration includes topics such as Structure of Matter, properties of matter, pressure, temperature and heat, refrigeration systems. Voltage, Current and Resistance include topics such as Ohm's law, series circuits, parallel circuits, AC and DC power, the power rating of the equipment, capacitors, AC Circuit and the capacitor, Inductance, Transformers, Semi-Conductors, Bridge circuits, sensors, controllers, actuators, auxiliary devices, the electronic compressor motor protection.

Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Poster - Mechanical Engineering Library Exclusive

Solenoids and Valves are explained in very detailed manners by dividing into topics like Industrial Solenoids, Tubular Solenoids, Frame Solenoids, Applications like Solenoids as Electromagnets, Solenoid Coils, Servicing Coils, Solenoid Valves in Circuits, Refrigerating valve. 

Electric Motors, its selections, operational characteristics and problems are one of the very important topics of the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate course. This important topic is explained very clearly in this book (Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Textbook PDF)by dividing into sub-topics like Construction of an Induction Motor, Size of Motors, Cooling and Mounting Motors, Direction of Rotation, Synchronous Motor, Electric Motors, Repulsion-Induction Motors, Capacitor-Start Motor, Permanent Split-Capacitor Motor, Shaded-Pole Motor, Split-phase motor, polyphase motor starters, reduced-voltage starting methods, consequent-pole motor controller, full-voltage controllers, electric motors and their uses along with operations and characteristics, troubleshooting electric motors with a Volt Ammeter, Using the megohmmeter for troubleshooting, AC motor control, AC Squirrel cage motor, contractors, starters and relays, Selenoid valves, Refrigeration valve, Bimetallic thermostats, Defrost Controls, Motor Burnout Cleanup. All the required theory and problems are provided in this book (Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Textbook PDF) for all the above topics. 

Refrigerants is another major topic in this subject (Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Textbook PDF), it is further divided into Classification of refrigerants, freon refrigerants and its applications, the reaction of freon to various materials, refrigerant properties, detecting leaks, ban on production and imports of Ozone-depleting refrigerants, alternatives to R-22, refrigerant characteristics, handling refrigerants, reclaiming refrigerant, operation of the unit. 

This whole book (Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Textbook PDF) is further divided into topics such as Refrigeration Compressors, Condensers, Chillers and Cooling Towers, Working with water cooling problems, Evaporators, Refrigerant and flow control, Servicing and safety, Freezers, Temperature, psychrometrics and air control, comfort air conditioning, commercial air conditioning systems, types of air conditioners and heat pumps, estimating load and insulating pipes, installing and controlling electrical power for air-conditioning units, air conditioning and refrigeration careers. All the topics are very clearly explained with the questions and solutions required for cracking government exams, as well as for the scoring of good marks in courses related semester exams. We recommend this book (Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Textbook PDF) to everyone who is willing to learn about the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, properties and principles of them.

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